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Planned Travel

Planned Travel London


How does it work?

Planned Travel is both a tool for you to use on your own to organise your day and a service with a dedicated team based in London ready to prepare for you your personal itinerary.

Once you have purchased an itinerary by clicking on BUY NOW! you immediately get access to all the different information, tips and advices which will make your stay a success. In addition to that you can ask our team to suggest an itinerary depending on your interests. Itineraries can also be associated to a theme like St Patrick's Day or Harry Potter. The key advantage of using our service is that you will save time and make the most of London, avoid to read guide books which might not be uptodate and we will be able to give you more tips and suggestions, including how to go from one attraction to the next one.

With Planned Travel, you can create your own wishlist of attractions, view them on a map and start to organise your stay. Planned Travel also let you know if it is interesting for you to buy a London Pass or any other existing passes.

By being based in London, we are the first to know what is going on or what is coming up in the English capital. We also know hidden places which can make your stay special.


You are only at 3 steps away from getting your Personal Itinerary:

  • Click on the BUY NOW! to purchase your personal visit programme,
  • Use our website to tell us what you like,
  • Receive your personal itinerary

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