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Money: Sterling pound (2 May 2013)
1£ = € 1.18; 1£ = US $ 1.55;
1£ = CAN $ 1.56; 1£ = CHF 1.45; 1£ = RUB 48.93;

Telephone international code: +44

Emergency number: 112 or 999 (for less urgent matters, call 101)

Unesco World Heritage Sites: Wesminster (Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret's church), Tower of London, Botanical gardens Kew, Greenwich (Royal Observatory, Royal Park, Queen's House, Old Royal Navy College).

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for registering to Planned Travel London. You will find all the information you need for your visit to London and we hope that you will enjoy browsing our website.

It is not easy to well prepare a visit to London: so many attractions to see, some closed for the winter season or for renovation, an extended underground system but under going major engineering works, lovely pubs but not all serve food at night or accept children, a lot to read and you might not have time for that!

Planned Travel London and its team are here to help you, to save your time and to offer you a personalised visit programme. From as little as £5 for an one-day plan, you can receive a personalised visit programme and any practical information you really need to have.

  • Buy your personalised visit programme.
  • Browse and select the attractions you would like to do or see.
  • Go to 'My Time Planner' and select on 'Let us do it for you'. Fill the form and once your have completely finished, validate. You can also use our Time Planner tool.
  • We will come back to you to let you know how long it will take us to deal with your request.
  • In the meantime, you can contact us by email : info@plannedtravel.co.uk or by phone: +44 07890603128.

When buying a personalised visit programme, you get access to a wider range of information, like tips, good deals and much more.

Planned Travel London Team




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