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Planned Travel

Planned Travel London


Lauriane Bradford

Lauriane, London Ambassador August 2012

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Who is behind Planned Travel?

Planned Travel was created by a Franco-British team and it is still run by the same people since its creation. Its owner, Lauriane Bradford, is a long-time resident of central London. Born in Paris, she loves travelling with her husband and her two daughters. She often sees visitors who are lost or who turn up outside attractions that are temporarily or permanently closed. Lauriane is passionate about the place where she lives, curious to explore new venues and loves to share what she believes is really good. With Planned Travel she offers her knowledge of London and her travel experience to other visitors while taking into account their own interests. When Lauriane is not preparing an itinerary for a customer, she likes to explore the city, to go to exhibitions or concerts or simply to relax and read in a park. She is also involved in the Kensington and Chelsea Music Society's music programme at Leighton House, London, and many other committees and clubs

She is occasionally seconded by freelance residents and students who bring their personal and fresh input.

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